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Meet Leigh

Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Coach

It is such a privilege working as a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist seeing people leave the session feeling lighter, freer and letting go of that which no longer serves them. I have worked with men and woman to help them release trauma, anxiety and helping them feel more connected to their true selves.

By incorporating my past experience as a disability employment counsellor and my intuitive abilities I find this to bring a deeper compassionate approach. 


I have worked as an intuitive medium for over 20 years helping people connect with their guides and their intuitive abilities. I also used my intuitive abilities in my job as a disability employment counsellor and now hypnotherapist. I can and have connected with a number of family members who have crossed over.

Although, I can do this I have to say I do not force this. If a person wants to come through then they do and if they do not then I do not force the connection. 


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What I enjoy the most about both the hypnotherapy and mediumship readings is the transformation I see after a person has come to see me. They literally look and feel lighter, sometimes their face even shifts a little. It is an incredible gift to be able to work with others to help them feel and be their best selves. This is one of the things I enjoyed about being a disability employment counsellor; seeing the transformation when the person realized that their anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, brain injury, bi-polar, rheumatoid arthritis, mental health, physical injury and so much more does not define them. That they have so much value and joy then they realize.

I have always been the type of person to want to help others and go deeper. Many times I will sit on a bench in a park or where ever and a perfect stranger will sit next to me they will feel comfortable enough to share their life story and after they do so they just seem lighter and happier. I am so blessed to have had so many of these encounters. Since I was a child I have always been sensitive to what is going on and other peoples behaviours. 

Everyone has this connection with the Divine and we all have access. This is apart of what makes hypnotherapy and the mediumship readings so exciting for me is to help people see their potential and achieve their goals. 

My connections started very young and my mother told me many years ago that when I was very young, I asked her “What is the light around the people?” She said in a matter of fact way, that it is an aura. Once I had that information, I never questioned what I saw again. As I grew up, being an inquisitive child, I asked her if she knew what an aura was and she said no, adding I would have to do some research to find out. 

I kept asking my mother many questions about what I now know is my spiritual connection with the Divine. I wondered why I knew so much about a person which they had never told me? Why do I know things I should not know? She would say to me that she too had this gift when she was my age. Eventually I asked her if this gift goes away as you get older. She said that she shut it down in her early 20’s because she touched a person and saw them dying in a plane crash and shortly after, that is exactly what happened. After that she closed off her connection because she said it was too much for her. 

Yet she allowed me to open up to my gifts. She bought me runes, took me to tarot readers, gave me Angel cards. She even considered getting the crystal ball I wanted until she saw it was the price of a small car. Instead, my mother bought me a crystal necklace.  Whenever I wore it my heart would get sore and I would have to take it off. "What was that about," I always wondered. I had it in my room hanging off the mirror. It was thirteen years after my mother passed away when I decided to take this necklace apart. Sure enough, there was a small crystal jammed into the other crystal. The small crystal needed to separate from the larger more powerful crystal. The symbolism was so clear. My mother needed to pass for me to grow and become the person I am today. Don’t get me wrong, I miss her very much and was very angry for a long time that she left me in this world all alone. What I did not realize, or did not want to look at, is I have my own life to live, I have purpose and work to do in this world without her! I started to truly open to what my calling might be.

Previously I had read tarot for friends, family and friends of friends but was resistant to do readings for others. However, the more I fought doing it the more I was called to do this work.  Finally, I went for a reading at a psychic studio in Vancouver and ended up giving one to the owner. She hired me as a reader that same day. The readings were amazing and I had some of the most fascinating experiences of my life. Yet, after a month and half, she let me go because I was always going over time. There was just so much cool information and I did not want to leave a reading half done.

My friend who owns a lovely tea shop invited me to do the readings there so I created a cozy space in the back and did hundreds of readings over a three-year period. I grew and grew and learned so much! And then it became time to use my creativity and intuition in different ways. I became an interior designer and later a career counsellor. Eventually I became satiated in the deep knowing that I could apply intuition in real life careers. Again, I felt the call to re-open my doors to offer spiritual intuitive readings, ones that focus on truly moving someone forward on their life path. And I look forward to connecting with you if you feel the call!

Let's work together to connect with your guides and angels. Let's work together to help you feel supported on your journey to living your best life, to transcending dimensionally and opening up to all of your many gifts. 


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