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"Leigh has been doing readings for me for fifteen years and I don't know where I would be without her. She saw me getting my PhD and moving to Hawaii from Canada, all which came true. I relied on her Guidance for most of my big decisions ever since. She is a joy to work with and always makes me laugh as well as go deep. I can show up at my end and have perfect, calm clarity by the end of our time together. She is a gift, and a generous one at that. I highly recommend Leigh to anyone wanting to get to know their gifts more, needing support in almost anything, and to truly have a caring, wise person in your corner."

- Sophia California, USA

"I found Leigh through a series of events that led me to her. From the first moment I spoke with her I felt at ease. Despite us being on the opposite sides of the island the way she could point to various happenings in my life and help me find insight within myself was truly astounding. She was very specific about a few things in my life that offered the validation I needed. I have taken her valuable suggestions and have started incorporating it into my life which has already been very grounding and helped me lean into the knowing that was already inside of me. She has integrity and genuinely cares for the people that she helps. I highly recommend Leigh and look forward to a follow-up session with her. Simply amazing!"

- Waylon Ucluelet, BC 

"My reading with Leigh is still making me reflect and consider what was said. Leigh has such insightfulness and I was in awe of her amazing gift. As the reading went on there were so many things brought up that it was as if Leigh has known me all of my life. She delivered in various ways that blew me away. At one point Leigh casually said a line “I could have been a contender” that made me get the shivers, as my father would say that line all of the time. He was there! This was my dad! His messages were so healing and I will never forget this amazing experience. I cannot express enough how healing this was for me. Leigh, thank you, I will be visiting you again in the very near future."

- Sandy Victoria, BC

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